We invested in top fashion, lifestyle brands with presence in China ranging from $10 to $100 million USD in deal size.


Jeep Xtreme Performance. Our outdoor & technical performance line of apparel and accessories is designed with the highest standards in mind. Precision and authenticity are the touch points. Our team has been operating since 2012 with advanced materials and enduring craftsmanship to always manufacture top-line products. 


L'Alpina. An excellent network covering all provinces in China distributes the tennis-inspired premium clothing, footwear and leather goods brand. The iconic kangaroo logo became synonym with "Made in Italy" quality.


Roberta Di Camerino. We have acquired the Venetian brand, which was founded by the late Giuliana Coen after the end of World War II. Through our operation company in Italy our aim clearly is to bring the brand back to its former splendor, developing its potential and underscoring its artisanal strength.  


Ken Ken E-Commerce. Through state-of-the-art facilities our joint venture with Fucun manages the presence of our brands on flash sales sites, and on China's largest luxury and fast-fashion online shopping platforms.