Focused Investment in Trademark IP, Exceptional Access to China


who we are

United Trademarks Group, Ltd. (UTG) is a leading specialized brand management and investment company focused on acquiring valuable trademarks around the globe and helping them grow in the China marketplace. The firm adds value by (1) launching and growing brands new to the China market and (2) helping brands that are already established in China to become even more successful. It accomplishes this growth by using its extensive experience in developing national sales channel in China, including e-commerce channel.


  • Distribution Network Development. 20+ years experience in developing retail network for fashion brands in China.Our portfolio companies have over 6,000 points of sale throughout Tier 1, 2 and 3 Chinese cities.
  • Supply Network. Access to a network of more than 10 factories based in China and Italy that are experts in producing the best fashion products to the world leading brands.
  • Consumer Insight. We understand the Chinese consumer. Through a national network of local retailers, we are always listening in on the latest consumer pulse.
  • Branding. The fashion and lifestyle consumer goods market in China is experiencing unprecedented growth—particularly in designer and upscale branded product segments. For international brands, this rapid evolution represents both an opportunity and a challenge. While an attractive growth opportunity, it is essential that international brands find the right partner to enter markets strategically and develop their brands in Chinese markets with appropriate branding and market positioning. The combined strength of our strong distribution network and extensive experience in brand management position us as a leading company in that field.